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"Bio-Cleanair"Grossing Workstation

“Bio-cleanair”™ Grossing workstation is totally eliminating IS 304 Grade Stainless Steel construction means a more Durable, longer-lasting finish. All workstations are factory-fitted with exhaust duct work that can be connected to any in-house ventilation system. Our unique Back-Draft ventilation system removes hazardous fumes, vapors and odors from the work area, so you can be assured you're working in a safe environment.

The workstation is made of top-to-bottom stainless steel construction will withstand the harshest laboratory disinfectants.

Available in Model Nos.: BCAD-GWS-900, BCAD-GWS-1200, and BCAD-GWS-1500 & BACD-GWS-1800

Special Features: The special features will be provided for the Grossing Workstation and also can be further customized to meet your needs by adding any of the following options

Illumination - 2 Nos. of 4 Feet, 36 watts Fluorescent tubes
2 Nos. of 5/15A additional power sockets
Pull-out Writing Ledge at below the table
Pull-out Pencil Drawer at below the table
Paper Towel Holder at inside the workstation
Shelf and Adjustable Bracket at inside the work area
Exhaust Air Grill on the table and just below the storage platform
Storage Plat form is 6” width at inside the work area
Hand Water Spray Rinse on the table
Magnetic Tool Bar at rear panel
Grossing Perforated Tray on the Sink
Floor leveling screws at bottom of the stand
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