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Laminar Airflow Equipment provides filtered, clean and dust-free flow of air in a uniform streamline without turbulence. They discharge HEPA – filtered air across the work surface and towards the user / worktable. These devices provide product protection only and should never be used when handling cell culture materials or drug formulations, or when manipulating potential infectious materials.

When the LAMINAR AIRFLOW EQUIPMENT switched on, the blower unit creates a suction pressure through the primary filter (or Pre-filters), which removes dust particles of above 10micron size in the first stage. Subsequently, the partly filtered air passed to the HEPA filters, where the particles or substances of 0.3micron size and above are removed. Finally the ultra clean filtered air supplied to the working chamber as a uniform airflow to perform precision research activities

Such a uniform dust-free airflow requires for various research activities, in pharmaceutical manufacturing, micro electronic assembly, bio technology, tissue culture, food processing and for various medical applications such as post-operative care, blood bank etc.

All the above components are assembled in a fabricated cabinet suitably along with other accessories such as a ultra-violet tube to sterilize the working area before & after usage, illuminating tube to provide lighting, acrylic door to protect the working area from external contamination

Accessories includes Deep / Mini-Pleat HEPA, Pre filter, Transparent front door, UV lamp, Illumination, IS 304 grade SS worktable, manometer / Minhelic Gauge, Gas cock, Castors, Additional power sockets & Power chords etc.

Available in the MOC of Melamine laminated wood, electro-Galvanized iron with polyurethane paint coated matt finish, IS 304 / 316 Grade SS with finish 4 polish / mirror finish.

Working Size W2’ x D2’ x H2’ W3’ x D2’ x H2’ W4’ x D2’ x H2’ W6’ x D2’ x H2’
Model No
BCAD-H 222
BCAD-H 322
BCAD-H 422
BCAD-H 622
Model No
BCAD-V 222
BCAD-V 322
BCAD-V 422
BCAD-V 622
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