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“Bio-cleanair”  laboratory fume hoods are the first defense to minimize chemical exposure to research workers and to drive-our hazardous chemical fumes, odors and vapors generated during the laboratory process work. They are considered the primary means of protection from inhalation of hazardous vapors. It is, therefore, important that all potentially harmful chemical work be conducted inside a properly functioning fume hood.

“Bio-cleanair”  Fume exhaust hoods are available in the type of Conventional hood,
Conventional bypass hood & Auxiliary hoods with ducted or ductless with activated carbon filter types for the organic chemicals processing areas.

Available in the MOC of Melamine laminated wood, electro-Galvanized iron with polyurethane paint coated matt finish, FRP-GP & FRP Bisphenol “A” Fumerate resin and IS 304 / 316 Grade SS with finish 4 polish / mirror finish.

Recommended: To prevent undesirable exposures to chemical contaminants among
Students, faculty, and staff in USG laboratories.

Inner Size
W3’ x D2’ x H2’
W4’ x D2’ x H2’
W5’ x D3’ x H3’
W6’ x D3’ x H3’
Model No
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