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Bio-cleanair Static & Dynamic Type Pass Through Boxes

“Bio-cleanair” PASS THROUGH BOXES are installed in a manufacturing area to pass through the materials from a un-controlled environment to a controlled environment. It is cubicle box with doors on both side and they are interlocked. It protects the controlled environment from possible pollution while transferring a material inside. These pass boxes works in similar process of AIR SHOWER and removes such
loose particles / dirt from the packed materials transferred the manufacturing area to other places & vice versa in PHARMACEUTICAL / ELECTRONIC / FOOD INDUSTRIES

Available in the MOC of electro-Galvanized iron with polyurethane paint coated matt finish and IS 304 / 316 Grade SS with finish 4 polish / mirror finish.

Inner Size
W3’ x D3’ x H6’
W24 x D24 x H24”
W36 x D36 x H36”
W48 x D48 x H48”
Model No
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