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Bio-cleanair Reverse Flow Powder Sampling / Dispensing Booths

“Bio-cleanair” REVERSE LAMINAR FLOW POWDER DISPENSING BOOTHS (Also called POWDER CONTAINMENT BOOTHS) protects the operators from toxic chemicals / raw materials used for manufacturing of tablets, medicines, capsules etc from external contamination during the process of weighing or measuring.

The Powder Sampling & Dispensing Booths are contains four important components such as:

  • Return Air Primary Filter (also called as First Stage Pre Filters)
  • Intermediate Secondary Filter (also called Second Stage Fine Filters
  • Supply Air Final Filter (also called as Final Stage Mini-Pleat HEPA filters)
  • Motorized DIDW / SISW blower unit

When the Sampling / Dispensing booths are switched on, the blower unit creates a suction pressure through the primary filter & intermediate filter, which removes dust particles of above 10 micron & 5 micron size in the first and second stages.

Subsequently, the partly filtered air passed to the HEPA filters, where the particles or substances of 0.3micron size and above are removed. Finally the ultra clean filtered air supplied to the working safe zone as a uniform airflow to perform precision
for raw-material containment purpose.

Available in the MOC of electro-Galvanized iron with polyurethane paint coated matt finish, IS 304 / 316 Grade SS with finish 4 polish / mirror finish.

Working Size
W3’ x D2’ x H6.5’
W4’ x D3’ x H6.5’
W4’ x D4’ x H6.5’
W6’ x D4’ x H6.5’
Model No
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