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Sterile Garments Storage Cubicle

"Bio-cleanair" Sterile Garments Storage Cubicles having HEPA-filtered vertical airflow, which is discharged to the storage area, creates an ultra-clean work environment at inside to minimize the cross contamination. The garments storage cabinets is consist of UV Lamp for Sterilization, IR Lamp to maintain the temperature, Swing type glass doors. One side inner storage height will be divided into two / three numbers of PU coated MS-CRCA perforated horizontal partition / IS 304 Grade Stainless Steel with matt finish will be provided in the storage cabinet for storing folded garments and other side full height space will be provided for hanging full length used garments through GI / SS hanger. The shoe rack will be provided at the bottom of the cubicle up to 300 mm height.

Accessories :

  • Deep / Mini-Pleat HEPA
  • Pre filter
  • Transparent front, swing / sliding door
  • UV lamp
  • Illumination
  • IR Lamp
  • Manometer / Minhelic Gauge
  • Castors
  • Power chords etc.
  • Shoe rack 

MOC :Melamine laminated wood / Electro-Galvanized iron with polyurethane paint coated matt finish IS 304 / 316 Grade SS finish 4 polish / mirror finish.

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