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“Bio-cleanair” Wet Chemical Work Laminar Bench is having class 1000 clean environment inside the workbench, which will be achieved through two-stage filtration of indoor air, via- a set of primary filter bank of 10 micron rating and a set of final HEPA filter bank of 0. 3 micron rating. The airtight construction of the cabinet ensures no cross contamination or reverse flow of air takes place. The cabinet and structures are made from electro-galvanized iron with polyurethane paint coated finish and inner work area will be covered with 10 mm thick polypropylene materials. This product is applicable for lithography (wet etching using of solvents/acids) and nanotechnology and trace metal lab application etc.

Direction of Flow Vertical Flow (100% Air Exhaust)
Model No BCAD-CWB-222 BCAD-CWB-322 BCAD-CWB-422 BCAD-CWB-622
Working Size in Feet W 2 x D 2 x H 2 W 3 x D 2 x H 2 W 4 x D 2 x H 2 W 6 x D 2 x H 2
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